Status: Sorry, the service is currently is broken, but might be reenabled in the near future

DiVa online is an online service to evaluate the topological role of a network entity in a regulatory network by means of the pairwise disconnectivity index. Entities can be vertices (genes, molecules, etc.), edges (reactions, etc.) or groups of them (e.g. patterns, motifs).

You can use this service to do either a general analysis for all vertices/edges in your networks, to perform a targeted survey for selected ones, or to estimate the global impact of patterns including motif detection.

To learn how to use this web service please select "Instructions" from the menu on the left. For creating a new job in uploading your own network or trying one of our examples, choose "Start calculation". Click on "View results" to either check the progress of a currently running job or fetch the results of an finished one.

A short description of the pairwise disconnectivity index can be found under "Methodology". Alternatively please select "Publications" for more detailed information.

Consider the "Links" section for the DiVa command line tool, which is extended by this online service.


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