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How to start a job

To start the DiVa online calculation process simply click on "Start Calculcation" in the menu on the left. Here you'll face several dialogs (explained in detail later on) which demand you to upload a network file and (in case you choose so) upload a subset file as well.

Either way will result in your job being queued for processing. The processing time largely depends on how many jobs have been queued before. Please be patient, some jobs may easily last several hours - especially the motif searches.

When your job is queued you'll be given a ticket number to see what the current status of your job is: waiting, calculating or finished. Just click on "View Results" on the left and enter the ticket number there, or follow the link attached to the ticket number.

After your job is finished, an email will be sent to you informing you so (optional). The result will be packed in a zip-archive containing the result output, all files created during the progress and a description file (readme.txt) which holds a summary of your job.

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