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File upload

This is the first dialog you'll see after clicking "Start Calculation" in the menu on the left:

The system will be asking you to upload your network under (A) by clicking the "Browse" button.

If you want to use one of our example networks INSTEAD of uploading your own one, activate the checkbox (B) and select one of the example networks at (C).
Please notice: If you activate the checkbox (B) all other elements except the example selection will be disabled and automatically set to the values required by the examples.

In case you upload your own network you also have to indicate by the checkbox (D) whether your network is directed and select the delimiter you're using in your network file (E).

If your delimiter is not listed, you'll have to reformate your network file so that an allowed one is used.
Once again, please note that the delimiter must not appear in any vertex name.

When you have finished, continue with the next dialog by hitting the "Next" button".

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